Release notes:

Version 02.00.09
Updated forms to be compatible with DNN6.

Version 02.00.06
Updated Images mode to allow for the width and horizontal position of the Overlay container to be set. Updated color picker for DNN 6 compatibility.

Version 02.00.05
Updated HTML mode to allow for titles to be entered for each slide.

Version 02.00.03
Updated Rotation Speed setting to allow a value of 0 so the slides do not rotate automatically.

Version 02.00.00
Updated module to allow for new 'Template' mode which allows you to define your own templates and JavaScript to control the presentations.

Version 01.01.01
Updated licensing options.

Version 01.01.00
Updates to include option to turn off the background for the text overlay when in Images only mode. Option to set text overlay alignment to left or right.

Version 01.00.01
Updated the module CSS so text alignment is not applied to help work with left to right language websites.

Version 01.00.00
First release.